Friday, September 07, 2007

Thanks to Good Samaritan Kyle K.

I talked to the officer who attended on Wednesday to get all the details (he gave me a card in the hospital with it all on, but it got lost somewhere along the way in the hospital). I asked him if he could tell me who the witness was, and he said he couldn't directly, but he would call the witness to get their permission to give their information to me. About 3 minutes later the officer called me back and gave me Kyle's number and I called him and thanked him. He said he was glad to help and hoped that someone would do the same for him if he was ever in such a situation, and he was wondering how I'd got on. I filled him in on the details, and thanked him once again.

It's people like Kyle that are the real Nova Scotians - ready to jump up and help out in a crisis (see also this recent example).


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