Monday, October 22, 2007

Ride into work for Thursday, 18 October

Another encounter with police, this time on Liverpool Street. A police car had stopped one one side of the road, and a large van had been stopped immediately opposite, and I could just see a minivan driving towards me in the other direction. I sat there waiting to see what would happen, and the police officer standing by the van looked at me and (without checking the other way) waved me to go through. I pointed at the minivan oncoming and the police officer just kept waving me on, then the officer in the car stuck her hand out of the window and twirled her finger in circles, which in the UK means turn around. How confused was I... I dropped my bike into lowest gear and rode up as slowly as possible anticipating someone to pull a stupid move, but the minivan driver decided to stop as well, since he was obviously bemused by what was going on too.

Distance logged: 11.164km
Time: 32:39
Average speed: 20.5km/hr
Max speed: 55.9 km/hr
Temperature: 5C
Cumulative distance: 3574.351km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.23
Monthly distance: 303.283km
Monthly cost per km: $0


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