Monday, November 12, 2007

Ride for Saturday, 10 November

Rode down to the Farmer's Market to do my weekly shop. Had a bit of a crappy start, after turning onto Vernon from Pepperell I felt my rear tyre deflate. While changing it I found the reason it had deflated was the tyre had worn so thin a small stone had managed to penetrate all the way through. I put a tyre boot on it and put the wheel back on and... found one of the brake arms was stuck. I was slightly puzzled by that as I'd only greased the brake bosses a few weeks ago, as a temporary measure I put it in a closer stop so the spring wouldn't have to return so far and the brake pad would stay off enough to get me going.

At the Farmer's Market I ran into several people - Steveo, Angela, Ken - which was nice, although being in a bit of a rush to get cleaned up and all my shopping done before the weather hit I didn't have as much chance to stop and talk as I would have liked.

I stopped off at IdealBikes on the way back and took off the brake arm to suddenly realise it wasn't the brake arm that was sticking, it was the divot that had worn in the pad that had done it. As a quick fix I swapped the pads over to get me home, then I headed out home and got back just before the snow started to hit (first snow of the year, only 5cm or so!)

I saw Dave riding by on the way home, it looked like he was heading down to the Farmer's Market as I was heading home. There were plenty of cyclists around today, which was a slight surprise given the temperature!

Distance logged: 25.407km
Time: 88:51
Average speed: 17.2km/hr
Max speed: 46.9 km/hr
Temperature: -1C to 2C
Cumulative distance: 4093.091km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.21
Monthly distance: 222.706km
Monthly cost per km: $0


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