Monday, January 31, 2005

Ride home for Monday 31 Jan

No ride in today as the bike was on the back of the car to be taken to the bike shop. Bike was fixed with a bunch of new spokes for $10 straight away - one of the benefits of cycling in winter is there's always someone at the local bike shop with time to fix problems!

Ride home was fun. Rode the trail across the Commons, which was nicely snowed over, leading to some fun fishtailing. Realised halfway home that I hadn't put oil on the chain, so dropped into low gear and pedalled slowly to try to minimise the impact.

Distance logged: 13.648km
Time: 49:47
Average speed: 16.4km/hr
Max speed: 66.4km/hr (probably a misreading)
Temperature: -8C to -12C

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Always a good idea to do regular maintenance...

Doing my regular maintenance this morning I found 4 broken spokes on the rear rim. This is the original rim that came with the bike, and I suspect it's not the highest grade - all the spokes have gone grey, and according to comments on Bike Forums it's probably a cheap rim. This means no ride in tomorrow, which is a shame - I wanted to see what it would be like with two studded tyres on. Oh well... I'll take the bike into the LBS and hopefully I'll get the bike back tomorrow afternoon with another lovely new winter rim on it and I'll be able to cycle home.

Ride for Saturday 29 Jan

First day back on the bike after 3 weeks off due to a knee injury, and 3 weeks before that due to being on holiday abroad.

Rode into town and back to pick up some bits from MEC, and also to make sure my knee was wellenough to cope with cycling again. I already had a studded tyre on the front, riding in made me was a studded tyre on the rear, too. I picked up a replacement mirror while I was in there to replace the one I broke. The replacement mirror also broke (the ball joint came out of its housing - if it isn't easily repairable it's going back). As I now have two front rims, I also needed another magnet for the bike computer.

Mileage logged: 12.6km (but the ride in didn't register).
Temperature: -12C to -18C
Weather: Sunny