Monday, December 05, 2005

Ride into work for Monday, 05 December

Set off a bit early today so I took a longer route in. The studded tyres seem heavier and louder than I recall them being, but they saved me a couple of times; the temperature was just on the verge of freezing, so here and there there was ice with a thin film of water on top just to make it extra slippery, The studs caught the ice every time, though - there was at least two occasions when I would have gone down without the tyres, so it was just as well I put them on yesterday. There's supposed to be more snow hitting tomorrow morning...

Distance logged: 16.756km
Time: 49:40
Average speed: 20.2km/hr
Max speed: 46.8 km/hr
Temperature: -3C, clear
Cumulative distance: 6644.731km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.23
Monthly distance: 101.897km
Monthly cost per km: $0


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