Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ride into work for Wednesday, 20 February

Down to Bedford for my weekly physio appointment. The roads were pretty clear when I went and it was cold enough that the remaining ice wasn't slick (although Doug wasn't quite so fortunate). I thought I'd try the ravines on the way back but the trees did a stellar job of shading the paths and there's nothing but 2 inches of ice there where people were walking - although if I'd wanted to ride off-trail it was completely clear.

Distance logged: 32.139km
Time: 106:59
Average speed: 18km/hr
Max speed: 52.1 km/hr
Temperature: -3C to 0C
Cumulative distance: 1071.630km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.11
Monthly distance: 435.308km
Monthly cost per km: $0


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