Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ride for Friday, 29 August

Did the Hali to the Valley trip with Jess and Steve. There were supposed to be 19 people coming but with the ominous weather everyone else dropped out at the last minute. As this was my vacation I was determined not to let a little dampness get in my way and went anyway - just as well as the worst we encountered was a little bit of drizzle a couple of times, which ended up being rather refreshing anyway.

I started off a bit late and caught up with the other two on Kearney Lake Road. From there we made our way out onto Highway 1 through Sackville. We tended to spread out a fair bit, with me ranging forward and dropping back as I was taking pictures of assorted random things along the way. I spotted a fish and chip van by the side of the road ("TM Fish and Chips, I think it was called) and was suddenly tempted by a large order of chips. Jess and Steve caught up and we agreed they were awesome chips, way better than could have been expected. They headed on out ahead of me, and it wasn't too long after that before we came to our first major rest stop that wasn't a convenience store or gas station, a church outside Mount Uniacke, where Little Steve stretched out for a while. From there we worked our way along Highway 1, stopping at convenience stores along the way with our last stop before camping out being at Gibson's Grocery where the owner was fascinated by our tale of riding "all the way" from Halifax. I bought a tin of baked beans there so I would have something to use as a kettle the next morning for my coffee and porridge, but I didn't have a tin opener. The owner offered me her tin opener to use but I explained I needed it for the next morning, she had a rummage round but couldn't find anything and apologised profusely. I went out and emptied the water bottles into my camelback, and took them back in to put in the garbage. While I was waiting for the owner to finish on the phone I spotted a tin opener on the wall, the packaging looked rather faded and elderly and with a price tag of $1 had probably been there for a while. I asked the owner if I could buy it and she very generously gave it to me at no charge! She said she liked seeing bike campers around and we deserved some help and was happy to give it to me, which I thought was very good of her.

Next we headed up to Lake Panuke going through Panuke (or as the local graffiti artists appear to call it, "Paunke City") and after 5km of climbing followed by 5km of climbing dirt road we hit the camp ground and set up camp. This was done as quickly as possible due to the massive mosquito infestation in the area, we all got bit pretty badly though. We watched a movie in my tent after supper to escape the mosquitos (and made a solemn pact with each other to never, ever tell anyone what it was we watched) and then headed to sleep after that, soothed by the gentle pitterpatter of rain overnight.

Distance logged: 67.914km
Time: 226:14
Average speed: 18km/hr
Max speed: 49.2 km/hr
Temperature: 16C-21C, cloudy
Cumulative distance: 4920.723km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.23
Monthly distance: 665.872km
Monthly cost per km: $1


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