Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ride into work for Thursday, 08 December

Another pleasant ride home. The comments I'm getting of "don't you find it cold?" and "oooh, that's ever such a long way to be riding your bike in this weather" are getting a bit wearing, though. It doesn't seem to matter how often I explain about layering and how pedalling faster=more heat, either. I told my boss this morning it would be preferable if it were a few degrees colder. I think he believes I was joking.

Distance logged: 14.212km
Time: 45:02
Average speed: 18.8km/hr
Max speed: 42.2 km/hr
Temperature: -5C
Cumulative distance: 6741.786km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.23
Monthly distance: 198.952km
Monthly cost per km: $0.20


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