Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Interviewed by Peter Duffy of the Chronicle Herald

Peter Duffy of the Chronicle Herald came by to interview me today after I emailed him about the content of one of his columns (specifically, about the "10 commandments for driving" that came out of the Vatican recently). We had a pleasant afternoon's chat while I regaled him with some of the tales of riding around Halifax on a bike; he seemed surprised at just how bad drivers are towards cyclists, so hopefully the article he writes will inspire at least one driver to stop and think that maybe saving 2 or 3 seconds' time driving isn't worth risking someone else's life over.

We also talked about Halifax Critical Mass, and Openstreetmap. If the article gets published on the web I'll put a link up on here for it.

3 and a half weeks until my medical house arrest is over. I have another appointment with the surgeon next week so I'll try to nail him down to a date I can get back on my bike - he should be able to tell by now if the shoulder's healed enough to say for sure. I still have to get my work bike down to IdealBikes for repair, too.


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