Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ride into work for Friday, 04 January

Cold ride in. I also got to be witness to a crash; I was going down Lacewood and saw a driver ahead coming towards me signalling to turn into Glenforest who stopped at the turning to wait for me. A few seconds behind her, a red car came up in the same lane, left it to the last second to swerve to the right-hand lane in what looked like a "teaching her a lesson to be in my way" fashion, then as he passed tried to swerve back into the left lane. Unfortunately he completely cocked it up and appear to bounce off the snowbank to the right, the front left of his car hit the front right of the woman driver's car, and he went spinning off in a haze of brake smoke. I stopped and saw the woman pull off into Glenforest OK, and the red car had stopped, and the people at the bus stop were making comments like "oooh, did you see that, he just drove straight into her" so there were plenty of witnesses and, not wishing to hang around in -17C weather with only a jersey and windbreaker on I continued into work.

Just for fun I later calculated wind chill factor from my average and maximum speeds; -27C and -32C, respectively. All rather irrelevant since I didn't have any flesh exposed to the wind, but amusing nevertheless.

Distance logged: 11.333km
Time: 36:21
Average speed: 18.7km/hr
Max speed: 47.5 km/hr
Temperature: -17C, clear
Cumulative distance: 77.663km
Cumulative cost per km: $0
Monthly distance: 77.663km
Monthly cost per km: $0


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