Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ride for Saturday, 30 August

Day two of Hali to the Valley dawned with patchy blue skies promising a warmer day. We each had our own breakfast (Kent Petersen would have approved of the nutritional content). I managed to boil up the water in the "kettle" with success, and it only took two tins full - one for my coffee and one for my porridge, which I counted as a win. As I managed to drink all my water overnight I ended up boiling lake water for that added full-on camping experience. Fortunately having Jess with us (a skilled camper and forestry student who's been on all sorts of courses) meant I was able to do it safely - 3 minutes' boiling followed by a 1 minute standing time led to a breakfast that was reasonably safe and free of manky bits.

After that we broke camp, with the others being graciously accepting of my Captain Slow impression as I dawdled my way through - mornings are not my best time to get stuff done that requires any huge amount of concentration. We headed back out down the dirt road and left Paunke City behind us. Next we hit Windsor, filled with very pretty houses and continued our way down through Highway 1 until we hit the end and had to jump onto Highway 101 to cross the Gaspereau River. Mission accomplished, we rode the gravel shoulder until the next exit, where at my rather cranky demanding we stopped at the Just Us cafe and I went through a bacon and egg panini, a large caesar salad, two slices of apple pie and a big mug of coffee. Little Steve later admitted to me he didn't realise just how hungry he was - at the last convenience store he had a Swanson "hungry man" meal which didn't do a thing for him. Bizarrely enough Jared, one of the HCC co-chairs was there at Just Us visiting their museum with his study class. It was a real shock to me as I was idly chatting with Jess outside to hear Jared's voice call out to me! It was great to see him there though we didn't have time to chat for too long.

Taking the time for a break at Just Us turned out to be perfect timing as the weather was absolutely gorgeous when we left there, and it continued fine the rest of the way down through Wolfville. Unfortunately some yahoo had smashed a beer bottle in the bike lane in Wolfville that Little Steve ran over which caused him to flat out, which he tried to fix while Jess enjoyed the break. Unfortunately it turned out that the tyre itself had got shredded, and even after booting the tyre we weren't able to get it going and holding air. Since we were only around 10km from our destination Little Steve called his mom for an emergency pickup and we hung out on the grassy knoll till she arrived. After that we went to The Village Pub in Coldbrook where I enjoyed a stellar Maple Chicken Curry and a few pints of beer. After that Jess was dropped off at her cousin's place, and Little Steve and I prepped up then headed back to Halifax in his mom's car.

All in all a great trip, and an awesome first tour for me. Steve and I were already making plans for next year's trip!

Distance logged: 43.687km
Time: 157:47
Average speed: 16.6km/hr
Max speed: 48.8 km/hr
Temperature: 18C-22C, cloudy becoming sunny
Cumulative distance: 4964.410km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.23
Monthly distance: 709.559km
Monthly cost per km: $0.94


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