Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ride home for Thursday, 01 September

Took the bike into the LBS after work as the bottom bracket is slipping again. Roger took it apart and had a dig round assisted by another guy, and found a tiny piece of crud (either from the original brazing or a chip of clear coat, he couldn't tell) that he reckoned was the cause. He also tightened everything up on the headset to see if that would eliminate the pinging noise. I took it on a ride out to Dartmouth and back and then through downtown Halifax, and it seemed pretty good so I headed back home. Riding up the hill into Fairview the pinging started again, so I'm wondering if something's stripped somewhere...

Distance logged: 23.065km
Time: 1:08:23
Average speed: 20.3km/hr
Max speed: 50.8km/hr
Temperature: 21C, overcast, intermittent drizzle
Cumulative distance: 4773.059km


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