Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ride home for Wednesday, 12 October

Picked up my bike from the bike shop as I took it in this morning to get a broken spoke fixed and the wheel trued. Apparently I'd managed to ding the wheel in two separate places, and pretty much all the spokes had worked loose. Perhaps I need to squirt some superglue into the spoke nipples or something?

Also my Minoura Space Grip broke; the metal strap that holds it onto the handlebars broke. I replaced it with a couple of cable ties and a bit of inner tube for an extra thick shim; that seems to have done a pretty nice job.

Distance logged: 12.307km
Time: 36:57
Average speed: 20.0km/hr
Max speed: 50.4km/hr
Temperature: 13C, sunny
Cumulative distance: 5637.196km


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