Friday, October 21, 2005

Ride into work for Friday, 21 October

Rode into Bedford for a chiropractor's appointment, then from there into work. Had a non-muppet today, unusually; at the crosswalk where I walk across I pressed the button and saw a minivan coming at speed, so I waited for him to go past. He hauled on the brakes, ended up half into the crosswalk, reverse back so he was behind the crosswalk, then waved at me and said "sorry". I waved back, grinned, and said "don't worry" - I think that's the first time that's ever happened, most people just zoom on past...

Cold start this morning, time to get the winter clothing out this weekend and check it's ready to go...

Distance logged: 40.007km
Time: 1:33:30
Average speed: 25.7km/hr
Temperature: 3C-6C, sunny
Cumulative distance: 5823.600km
Cost per km: $0.21


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