Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ride into work for Thursday, 20 October

Had an encounter with another muppet this morning. Waiting to turn right at the lights onto a busy road, I had a minivan (no surprise) pull up next to me blocking my view. I rolled forward so I could see the traffic again, and the driver started bouncing around in his seat and waving at me. It's amazing how little it takes to disturb some people. He was so adamant he wanted to go he sped out in front of a garbage truck, which had to haul on the brakes to avoid hitting him. I suspect Darwin's theory will out in the end, though.

Went out to MEC at lunch and picked up some more grease (a 1lb tub of Park Tool grease, only $2 more than the tiny tube of Phil's grease) and a new forward deflector shield to replace my old one that isn't sticking any more. I also picked up the latest Terry Pratchett book, which should occupy me quite nicely for a couple of hours this evening...

Distance logged: 17km
Time: 42:22
Average speed: 24.1km/hr
Temperature: 11C, sunny, breezy
Cumulative distance: 5769.167km
Cost per km: $0.21


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