Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ride home for Tuesday, 03 January

Went to MEC at lunchtime and picked up some odds and ends; a replacement set of brushes and sponges for my Park chain cleaner, a 13mm/15mm Park cone wrench, some more brake pads (I think I go through more brake pads in winter than anything else), and I stopped off at Idealbikes to pick up a Y socket wrench. I picked up the Park stuff as there's a persistent rumour that MEC are going to stop carrying Park equipment this year, and it certainly seems to have some truth - none of the Park stock is being restocked as far as I can see.

Muppet of the day was a close fought contest between minivans. Muppet #1 was the minivan driving muppet who overtook me as I was going around a parked minivan, with another car parked opposite. Since muppet #1 had been tailing me for several hundred metres when there were very few cars parked on either side of the road, I don't know why it was necessary to overtake me then. Muppet #2 was the minivan driving muppet who tried to overtake me after I'd been signalling left for about 5 seconds, just as I was manoeuvering to the left and slowing down to wait for the oncoming traffic in the opposite lane. Muppet #2 then hauled on the brakes and swerved around on the right and accelerated off; a maneouvre that is particularly pitiful in a minivan. I think muppet #2 is the winner of the muppet of the day award for sheer muppetry, although it was a close fought battle...

Distance logged: 14.168km
Time: 45:07
Average speed: 18.8km/hr
Max speed: 45.3 km/hr
Temperature: -7C, cloudy
Cumulative distance: 26.877km
Cumulative cost per km: $1.13
Monthly distance: 26.877km
Monthly cost per km: $1.13


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