Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ride into work for Tuesday, 24 January

Decided to take the long route in this morning as I was running early. Started out taking the fire trail, but that was unploughed and took way too much effort, so I came off at the first crossing and took the road instead. I hate to think how much salt had been dumped on the roads, I think the council had come in for some adverse commentary from the local newspaper for not salting the roads enough last time they were icy so this time they overdid it - on some roads I was skidding on the drifsts of salt!

Distance logged: 16.810km
Time: 49:09
Average speed: 20.5km/hr
Max speed: 51.5 km/hr
Temperature: -3C, overcast
Cumulative distance: 359.886km
Cumulative cost per km: $0.45
Monthly distance: 359.886km
Monthly cost per km: $0.45


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