Monday, November 26, 2007

Maintenance day

After cleaning the hybrid, I decided to true the front wheel off the mountain bike. Closer inspection revealed the real reason it wouldn't true... the rim was split! I disassembled the wheel and kept the spokes and nipples that were still in a half-decent condition, then took an old wheel I had kicking around, took each spoke individually out and cleaned and greased the nipple and threads, then put it back together and effectively rebuilt it from scratch. A rather long and involved process, but at least it didn't mean I had to buy a new wheel!

Building the wheel myself meant I could build a nice high tension wheel and make sure it was well tensioned with my tensiometer. I'm rather pleased that the wheel I built for the hybrid last winter has yet to need any truing at all, seeing as the wheel I had on there before had a habit of breaking spokes on a regular basis...


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