Monday, October 24, 2005

Ride into work for Monday, 24 October

Had an attack of the muppets today.

  • As soon as I came out of my street I had someone try to turn in front of me into the school. Did I say "in front of me"? I meant, of course, "right next to me". To add insult to injury, I think it was a neighbour from across the street.
  • Riding down along by the QE Hospital, I had a taxi driver haul over in front of me and stop right in front of me to drop off his fare.
  • Riding along Brunswick, I had another taxi driver stop in the bike lane right in front of me to (presumably) drop off his fare. I had to swerve around him so hard I scraped his back bumper with my pedal.
  • A pedestrian coming to the sidewalk saw the pedestrian signal start flashing the red hand (ie, don't walk) and ran out in front of me to catch the light. And when I saw "ran out in front of me", I mean if I hadn't hauled on the anchors it would have been handlebar in the ribs time, and deservedly so.

Hopefully the ride home tonight will be less eventful. Hurricane Wilma is supposed to hit us tomorrow afternoon with winds of up to 110km/hr, which should make the ride home interesting...

Distance logged: 14.286km
Time: 37:10
Average speed: 23.1km/hr
Temperature: 6C, overcast
Cumulative distance: 5863.349km
Cost per km: $0.21


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