Sunday, February 05, 2006

Maintenance day

Replaced the chain today, as a month's worth of winter wear had stretched it out. I was able to recycle it as the sprog needed 100 items to pin up as part of a maths project; over the course of an hour or so I sat and disassembled the chain into its component parts while reading Bike Forums. I disassembled so many links that my chain tool overheated (it actually became hot to the touch) and one of the guide rails bent off and snapped! I cleaned the links in some MEC dry lube (which is great for cleaning, but bloody awful as a lubricant) and washed them off in some hot water, and voila, a bunch of slightly rusted yet well-worn links to pin onto a piece of bristol board.

Other than replacing the chain, there was surprisingly little to do; the brake pads still have plenty of wear in them, everything else seems well lubricated, all I had to do was clean off the rims. Going through the other stuff on my bike I found the battery connector for my lights had come a bit loose, so I reassembled it and sealed it back together with some silicone sealant - that should do the trick.


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